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Multi-User Multi-Touch Best Practice Guides

3M™ has launched a new series of ´best practice´ guides that brings together best advice from both the company and its partners. These free guides will help any company create a compelling multiĀ­user, multiĀ­touch experience.

The main guide includes an overview of the technology, advice from experts and some inspiring ideas. Great design, installation, content and maintenance are all covered.

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3M™ Empowers Android Developers to Create Multi-Touch Applications

As the Android operating system expands as a preferred programming platform for smartphone and tablet-based applications, Android developers are seeking to push the boundaries of this open source platform. Now, with 3M´s release of Android kernel patches for its multi-touch display and systems products, Android developers have the ability to scale their applications for display sizes up to 46 inches, and more importantly, create new multi-user, collaborative applications based on the flexibility and familiarity of the Android operating system.

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